June / July 2015 Newsletter ~ Staying COOL-A

With summer here you should be wearing face sunscreen every day. Actually it should be worn year round; but summer's a good place to start. The sun is one of the things that ages your face and gives you those horrible brown spots. So what better time to bring back up my favorite sunscreen as well as some added info on how to tell a good sunscreen that works from one that doesn't! Do you know what UV-A and UV-B stands for? Click the link below and look for my article "Stayng Cool-a!" for all that and more.

June / July 2015 Newsletter ~ Staying Cool-a!

Staying Cool-a!
COOLA Sunscreen

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or would like any more information on Coola Face Sunscreen. Also if you're interested in purchasing it check out my blog on Birchbox, as that's where I get mine and it's awesome. ;)

XOXOX, Katie

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