February & March 2015 Newsletters

February 2015 Special Valentine's Day Edition Newsletter

Perfect Brows Feature

Fix Brows.png

Click the link above to read February's 2015 Newsletter - Special Valentine's Day Edition featuring the Perfect Brows Pictorial as well as a few of our beauty secret tricks. I personally am obsessed with the French Laiter Collyre Bleu Eye Drops, also known as the blue eye drops. :)

March 2015 Newsletter

NEW Model Portfolio Package Collaboration - Perfect for Anyone


Click the link above to read about my new collaboration with the amazing photographer Joseph Saadeh, owner and operator of picsindesign. Also you won't want to miss all of our beauty faves in this newsletter including one of my all time favorite beauty products FOCUS 21 Sea Plasma All Purpose Skin and Hair Moisturizing. This product is affordable, easy to use and perfect for anyone. After you check this out make sure you also read the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase, along with a direct link of where to buy all of these awesome products at a great price.

Thank you everyone for your support! I'm so happy you are all enjoying my beauty tips, tricks and knowledge! I absolutely love what I do, and I couldn't do it without all of you! :) ;)



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