The Perfect Eyebrows Pictorial!!!

The Perfect Eyebrows Pictorial

Above image is not of myself - Katherine Alexandra

At last…

An easy step by step pictorial to create the perfect eyebrows! ;0) This pictorial focuses more on thinner eyebrows with less hair; but the same techniques can be used for sculpting a fuller brow or anything in between. I actually think it’s a perfect finish to my blog: Amazing Green Eye Shadow Pictorial, since I think the only thing missing is great brows. ;0) I always receive such awesome compliments on my eyebrows and asked many times how I create them. At last I’m sharing my secrets. ;0) I’ll admit the first time I tried I saw a slight Frida Kahlo (haha :)) looking back at me in the mirror; but after a little practice it got easier and easier, and I just kept getting better and better. ;0) I’m a firm believer in the saying practice makes perfect, and an even bigger believer in that when it comes to makeup. Yes, makeup is an art form; but one that anyone can learn with some practice and the right techniques. ;0)

Now that you have a good start on the art form and basic techniques let’s talk about tools. There are soooo many brow kits, pencils, powders, gels, etc. out there that I know I haven’t tried them all; but I have tried my fair share and these are my findings. My ultimate favorite brow tool of all time is a pencil: Maybelline Expert Wear in shade color Blonde. The outside of the pencil is red and it comes in clear packaging so you can see the red. It’s super cheap and comes with (2) pencils in each package for a sweet deal. They have other shades; but honestly I have used Blonde for every hair color I have ever been, and that's quite a lot… Blonde, Pink, Purple Tips, Bleached on top and Black underneath, Blonde again, Red, Brown, Redder… Hahahaa ;0) So I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s a very versatile color not just a typical blonde shade. The other pencils I have been incorporating more into my makeup routine are new from MAC, and I’m really liking them as well. They’re Veluxe Brow Liner’s in shade colors Strawberry Blonde and Redhead. They have (5) shades total, and glide on super easy. They also have a spiral brush on one end for blending. (Same type of tool featured above in pictorial frame 5.) In addition MAC also sells an amazing eyebrow brush tool called Linear 1 Brush, and it’s so awesome. It’s a multi-use tool that can be used for eyebrows, eyeliner and lining lips. A makeup lovers must have! ;0) MAC also carriers great eyebrow shadow highlighters for finishing off your perfect brows. A few of my fav. colors are Ricepaper, Nylon, Dazzlelight and Brule.

I hope you enjoyed my eyebrow technique and tool secrets, and are on your way to having your own perfect brows. ;0)

As always please feel free to ask me any questions, or if you have a request for a specific blog you'd like me to write you can send that my way as well. ;0)

Thank you,



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