Amazing Green Eye Shadow Pictorial!

Amazing Green Eye Shadow Pictorial

Hello Again Friends! ;0)

For my next Blog post I wanted to share this amazing Green Eye Shadow Pictorial I came across. I think it's perfect for any eye color, and really breaks down all the different steps well for a quick and easy learning to this makeup application. It's perfect for Autumn & Winter and adds a little color; but isn't overly dramatic. If you don't own any green eye shadows I suggest MAC, Too Faced, Urban Decay and Lime Crime as they all make awesome greens, are highly pigmented and apply with ease. If you're thinking you'd rather go the drugstore makeup way... I suggest Maybelline and Revlon. :)

I hope you enjoyed my second post, and keep checking back as they'll keep coming. ;0)

As always please feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank you,



#greeneyeshadowtutorial #Pictorial

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